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Puppet Style Mitts


BurnGuard® Puppet-Style Oven Mitts

Our popular multi-purpose puppet-style mitt features an ergonomically friendly, thumb-over palm design that positions the hand in a natural position. Ideal for handling sheet pans, trays, etc.

BurnGuard® oven mitts are available in different outer shell fabrics designed to meet your specific temperature and environmental needs: Long-lasting flame resistant Nomex fiber for use around open flames, or highly durable poly-cotton fabric when open flames are not a factor.

Every BurnGuard® oven mitt comes with our proprietary VaporGuard® liquid and vapor barrier and thermal-insulation contstructed from 100% woven cotton terry that has been scoured, tumbled dry and heat set to minimize shrinkage. Unlike traditional cotton quilted products, the design of our insulation eliminates wear and “hot spots” and will withstand repeated commercial washings.

Features / Benefits

  • NSF Certified (P149 Class I & II)
  • CE Compliant
  • Ambidextrous
  • Withstands 25+ commerical washings
  • Up to 20 times more durable than neoprene or cotton quilted commodity oven mitts

Removable Liner Series*

The Removable Liner series provies additional sanitation and cost savings by allowing easy removal, cleaning and replacement of the liner. When laundering is no longer effective, simply replace the liner at a fraction of the cost of a new oven mitt. Liner is held in place with hook and loop fastener.

CAUTION: For best results, remove liner for cleaning. Always replace the liner before using. Do NOT use outer shell or liner alone.

“Plus” Series Oven Mitts

Our “Plus” Series Mitts feature Kevlar fiber in critical areas and are ideal for high temperature environments and where there is exposure to open flame.


Puppet-Style Mitt (Sewn in Liner)

Insulation Value: 450°F / 232ºC

12” Nomex w/ VaporGuard® Barrier 05120
15” Nomex w/ VaporGuard® Barrier 05150
18” Nomex w/ VaporGuard® Barrier 05180
24” Nomex w/ VaporGuard® Barrier 05240

* Do NOT use outer shell or liner alone

**Minimum order quantities required

Kevlar® and Nomex® are registered trademarks of Dupont