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Pan Handle Cover

Specialty items designed specifically to protect when holding hot skillet handles.

Works great with fry basket handles!

6″ Nomex with VaporGuard® Barrier 02060

ShinGuard™ Protectors

Constructed of durable Nylon with VaporGuard® Barrier. Protects lower legs and feet, keeping the wearer safe and dry. Eliminates need for special boots in mulitple sizes and maintains slip resistance if wearing slip resistant shoes.

*Sold in pairs. Fits all shoe sizes.

18″ QuicKlean™ Finish w/ VaporGuard® Barrier 51182*

Head Gear with Face Shield

Full face protection with unimpeded full line of sight, adjustable head band, pivots forward and backward. Easy to clean, lightweight to wear.

Head Gear with Face Shield 99942