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Arm Length / Hand Size

Mitt and Glove Sizing: Getting the Proper Fit


Protective apparel and equipment that fits properly is absolutely vital to the safety of the wearer. Knowing how to measure and choose mitt or glove sizes can increase safety, product effectiveness and productivity. To avoid injury and promote use/ compliance, choose more than one size to accommodate different wearers. A one-size-fits-all approach is simply ineffective.


When mitts or gloves do not fit properly, it can delay work or result in hand injuries. If hand protection is too small, it may cause hand fatigue or decrease dexterity. Mitts or gloves that are too large can get caught on jagged edges or moving parts of equipment. Loose gloves or mitts can be easily pulled off the hand or even pull the wearer’s hand into moving equipment.


The length of a mitt or glove should be chosen based on the application, job task or equipment type. Typically, 15 or 18 inch lengths will meet the majority of your needs.