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Tucker Safety Products’ KutGlove™ Brand and Whizard® Brand Cut Resistant Gloves were designed with the end user in mind. Our gloves are available in multiple styles, sizes, colors, features and cut resistance levels.

 There are several things to consider when selecting cut resistant gloves: environment, application, equipment, and use. The tendency is to go for the highest level of cut resistance without fully considering the level of comfort, dexterity and touch sensitivity needed to get the job done safely and efficiently. Lack of comfort and loss of dexterity are top reasons for poor compliance. Keep in mind, if the gloves are not worn, you have zero protection!

Understanding the different test methods and grams of cut resistance will help you match the level of protection you need with a Tucker cut resistant glove that offers the right balance between capabilities specific to your needs and value for spend. For faster selection, please refer to our cut glove matrix. If you are unable to find a glove with our current lineup, we have the capability to custom create a cut protective product that meets your specific needs. 


KutGlove™ Brand

Whizard® Brand