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Your questions are important to us. If your topic is not covered below, please send an email to info@tuckersafety.com and a Tucker Safety representative will reply as soon as possible. If you’d like to speak with us directly, give us a call at 719-527-4848.

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Telephone (719-527-4848, ext 100); or email (support@tuckersafety.com)
You can purchase Tucker Safety Products protective apparel from approved foodservice dealers and channel partners. Please call 719-527-4848 or contact your local representation for help finding a dealer in your area.(click here for Representative Listing)
Minimum order size is $250 (USD). Split shipments are processed as separate orders. Shipping and handling charges are applicable to all orders. All orders must be submitted in writing to orders@tuckersafety.com or faxed to 719-527-1499.
Tucker Safety Products focuses on consultation and manufacturing. The logistics of individual distribution is best left to the channel that can offer the most efficiency.
The life-cycle costs of all Tucker Safety Products protective apparel are much lower than any commodity products available in the Foodservice Industry. Purchase prices may vary slightly from Channel Partner to Channel Partner.
Tucker Safety Products protective apparel is actually less expensive than all other comparable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when the total cost of ownership is considered (Cost of ownership = injury reduction + compliance + life-cycle costs). When you compare effectiveness, compliance and life-cycle costs, Tucker Safety Products protective apparel are the least expensive option available! Every oven mitt that Tucker Safety Products makes is guaranteed to last a minimum of 10 times longer than a cotton quilted mitt.
It depends upon several criteria as Tucker Safety Products protective apparel are designed to address specific tasks/applications. Consider the following:

  • Flame & Heat Resistance
  • Liquid & Steam Penetration
  • Cut Resistance
  • Cleanability
  • Touch Sensitivity & Dexterity
  • Comfort & User Friendliness
  • Durability
  • Industry Certifications (NSF, FDA, CE, EN)

Please view the Product Selection Guide for additional information (click here for Product Selection Guide). Please contact us via www.tuckersafety.com or 719-527-4848 and our customer service department will take care of your needs.

Nomex is flame resistant and more durable, by approximately 30% more than Poly-Cotton. However, Poly-Cotton is an acceptable choice for most applications.
Yes, sanitation is critical and all Tucker Safety Products protective apparel is washable! A washing instruction insert is included in the original packaging with every item. For additional information please consult the Washing Instructions on our web-site or contact your local representative.

Washing Instructions
The life-cycle of our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) offers a longer life span than that of commodity products. However, it is important to use the most effective PPE for your specific job function in order to maximize the life of your PPE and cost savings. It is not uncommon for Tucker Safety Products PPE life-spans to measure in terms of years instead of weeks.
Tucker Safety Products warranties all products to be free of manufacturer’s defects for a period of 1-year from the date of purchase. We also stand behind our products 100% by offering a complete Satisfaction Guarantee on every product purchased. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, please contact our Customer Service Department to allow us the opportunity of maintaining your total satisfaction.
It is important to note that Tucker Safety Products’ cut resistant gloves are not cut proof; in fact, no cut resistant glove is cut proof. Cut resistance come from three factors: composition of the yarn, knit construction, and proper fitting of the glove (click here for KutGlove information).
This is the trade name of our proprietary effective liquid and vapor barrier. This material prevents hot liquids (boiling water, hot oil, and hot grease) from reaching the skin of the wearer. It will not burn, melt, crack, turn brittle or otherwise break down when exposed to 500°F temperatures for extended periods of time.

This is the trade name of our effective liquid and vapor barrier that protects against liquids, grease, and steam at lower temperatures.
The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is the leading regulator in the Foodservice Industry with regard to Safety & Sanitation. Tucker BurnGuard® Branded Products have been NSF certified for over 10 years. It is important to note what a product needs to pass in testing to become NSF Certified. To review the NSF testing criteria please consult our web-site (click here for NSF Certification information).
Yes, Tucker Safety Products PPE is available in several color options.
Yes, Tucker Safety Products PPE is available in several sizes and configurations.
Yes, Tucker Safety Products manufactures custom products. However, please do not confuse custom with more expensive. Our goal is to develop products and systems that enhance your operation with greater protection, compliance and sanitation! In most cases, custom products do not cost any more than standard products.