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Our Trademarks

Tucker Safety Products, Inc. holds several trademarks or registered trademarks which serve to promote and protect its market position and products.

The following are illustrative, non-exhaustive lists of trademarks and logos owned by Tucker Safety Products, Inc. Please refrain from making commercial use of the trademarks or from using our logos without first requesting and receiving written license from us to do so.

We consider our trademarks valuable assets and ask that when using the trademarks for non-commercial or editorial purposes you please adhere to a few general principles. Following these principles helps us protect our valuable trademark rights and preserve the voice and identity that we’ve worked so hard to build with the people that use and trust our products.

  • Always appropriately recognize our trademarks:
    • within the United States, by including the appropriate ™ or ® symbol on the first use (examples are shown in the list below), and
    • outside the United States, by using the appropriate trademark attribution notice instead of trademark symbols:
      [Insert Trademark being used] is a trademark or registered trademark of Tucker Safety Products, Inc.
  • Always use the complete trademark as an adjective in all communications.
  • Always distinguish our trademarks from the surrounding text.
  • Never alter our trademarks, including through abbreviation to create acronyms, varying the spelling, adding or deleting hyphens, making two words one, or making one word two.
  • Never make our trademarks possessive or plural.
  • Never use our trademarks as a noun or verb.
  • Never combine our trademarks with your or any third-party names, trademarks, or logos.
  • Never use our trademarks to brand your product, claim interoperability where there is none, or use our trademarks in a manner that suggests you are endorsed by or otherwise affiliated with Tucker Safety Products.
  • Never use our trademarks in a derogatory, disparaging, false, illegal, infringing, or misleading manner.

The name under which we market all products equipped with our proprietary VaporGuard® Barrier.

Our registered federal trademark for our proprietary liquid and vapor barrier that prevents hot liquids (boiling water, hot oil, or hot grease) from reaching the skin. It will not burn, melt, crack or turn brittle or otherwise breakdown when exposed to 500ºF for extended periods of time.

Our exclusive color combination for oven mitts, gloves and protective apparel, which protect against heat, flame, steam and hot liquids. This assures when you purchase protective apparel with Blue & Yellow® colors, you can be confident you are buying authentic Tucker Safety Products’ effective protective apparel.

EFFECTIVE PROTECTIVE APPAREL™ personal protective equipment protects against all known types and sources of burn/cut injuries in foodservice, is washable to assure sanitation, is comfortable to wear and fits the person using it, and is durable to assure an appreciable return on investment.

An industry first, and our one-of-a-kind process that can be applied to any BurnGuard® product. The resulting QuicKlean™ finish makes the product easy to clean. Just rinse the exterior or interior at the sink and use again immediately. No need for on-site laundry facilities.

Our trademark for our cut resistant glove family that possess characteristics and features that are specifically designed for Foodservice.

Our trademark for our “stretch-fit” cut resistant glove family that possess characteristics and features that are specifically designed for Foodservice and a second skin feel.

Our trademark for the insert placed between the thumb and index finger on our Conventional style oven mitts for added durability and dexterity.

Our trademark for our effective liquid and vapor barrier that protects against liquids, grease, and steam at lower temperatures.

Our Safety Training, Burn and Cut Injury Prevention program that we offer to clients as a front-line defense against burn and cut injuries. Under this program, Tucker Safety Products’ representatives visit the client site and analyze burn/cut injury history, facility layout, traffic patterns and “hot spots” as well as equipment and protective apparel in use. The team then formulates recommendations concerning facility design, equipment in use and protective apparel in use in order to minimize the risk of future burn or cut injuries. The team also instructs managers and staff in burn and cut injury dangers and safety practices. Tucker Safety Products will continue monitoring injuries on an ongoing basis, and make further recommendations as needed.

Hand protection designed and developed for the commercial kitchen to provide safe and sanitary protection to employees who are working around wet and messy applications at lower temperatures.

Eliminates need for special boots in multiple sizes. The ShinGuard™ Protector is worn over existing shoes and protects lower leg and top of shoe/foot.

VaporTowel™ Chef’s Towel

SiliGlove™ Three-Finger Glove

ChefGuard™ Chef Apparel




SteamGuard Plus™



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