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All purpose hand and arm protection designed to stand up to a variety of environments offering excellent protection from a wide array of chemicals, hot water and liquids that can pose a danger.
The SteamGlove™ Utility Glove is made from components that are FDA 21CFR, parts 170-199 compliant, making it ideal for food handling and preparation. The gloves are constructed from high quality Nitrile which offers flexibility, touch sensitivity and dexterity not found in heavier-mil utility gloves. The glove also features a textured finish that provides excellent grip in oily and wet applications. Protects up to 400ºF (204ºc) at intermittent exposures.
Applications: Steam Tables, Hot Holding Equipment, Fryers, Pot Sinks, Dish Machines, Pulling/Carving Hot Meat
Level #5 Abrasion Resistance (ANSI 3389-94)
Level #2 Puncture Resistance (ANSI 105:2000)
Level #1 Cut Resistance (ANSI 105:2000)