Tucker QuicKlean™ Four-Finger Pre-Curved Rotisserie Glove

Why use an industrial glove in a food service environment when you can use a glove made specifically for food service professionals?

Having the proper cut protection available when needed helps keep working hands safe from injury, and wearing a well-fitting glove will determine the quality of protection, ease of use and workflow efficiency.

Tucker, the leader in commercial kitchen safety gloves, has a quick and easy solution to help staff members find and use the best-fitting cut protection gloves.

Tucker’s Color By Size Kutgloves™ provide a comfort stretch fit in 5 color-specific sizes to help staff members quickly find and wear the right gloves for the job. The Tucker 5-clip Safety Station keeps the right gloves in the right place at the right time.

The gloves you choose determine not only the quality of protection they provide but also affect the product’s ease of use, workflow efficiency, and lifespan.

Consider the benefits of Tucker’s Kutgloves™:

Better Cut Protection, Color-By-Size Kutgloves are Wire-free and designed to ensure fingers go all the way to the tip of the glove for touch sensitivity and dexterity. Made with Spectra® and Dyneema® fibers, Kutgloves provide high levels of protection and unparalleled comfort.

Quick Cleaning, Kutgloves can be repeatedly washed and sanitized and are bleach and sanitizer safe.

Better Sanitation, Kutgloves Non-absorbent, food-grade yarn/fibers feature inherent antimicrobial protection that will never wash or wear out of the glove.

Better Fit, Kutgloves Spandex plaiting offers unparalleled comfort that feels like a second skin in a glove appropriate for handling food.

Better Value, Kutgloves Innovation and high-grade, durable materials provide better cut protection and stand up to frequent commercial cleaning for a longer, more cost-effective product life.

At Tucker Safety, our mission is to keep people safe from hazards in commercial food service environments.

For the highest-performance products, look to the experts at Tucker Safety Products. Tuckers products lead the industry in safety, sanitation, service, and savings.

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