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Stop searching and start finding: remove the guesswork and find your protective solution based on application, type of equipment or hazard.


Head-to-toe protection for foodservice professionals

The Tucker Difference

Effective Protective Apparel™ from Tucker Safety reduces burn and cut injuries, muscle strain, promotes sanitary conditions, saves time and money, and increases productivity.


Our four key foundational elements – Safety, Sanitation, Savings, and Service add up to the highest level of protection possible for every aspect of your operation.


When your protective apparel carries the Tucker Safety Products’ label, you’re investing in true protection and guaranteed performance. Always look for the label!

Understanding Effective Protective Apparel

Effective Protective Apparel protects against all known types and
sources of burn/cut injuries in foodservice, is washable to assure sanitation, and durable
to assure an appreciable return on investment.

Learn Why

Product Selection Tool

Select the right protection by matching Tucker PPE to the specific application,
requirement and hazard using our selection tool.


Cost Calculator

Do you know the real impact an injury has on your profitability? Use our calculator
to determine how much in new sales you need to cover the cost of an injury.




Design Leadership

We are the leader in the intelligent design and manufacture of high-tech, high-end and wearer-centric Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the foodservice industry worldwide.

Risk Assessment

Through our SafeStep™ Program, we work with you to identify hazards, determine who’s at risk, identify sensible and cost-effective control measures for the burn/cut hazards in your operation, and help you build a plan to eliminate the risks and hazards.

Foodservice Operations

We have a broad range knowledge of commercial foodservice operations – equipment, layout, jobs, menu, processes, systems, training, safety and health risks, and supply chain. We make it a point to know your operations as well as you do and can help you build an effective PPE program.

Technical Knowledge

We combine our understanding of textiles with specific industry knowledge to find innovative ways to incorporate abrasion resistance, flame resistance, liquid/steam protection, material strength, cut resistance, or resistance to chemicals in our product design.

Testing and Validation

Full complement of specialized testing equipment for ASTM testing, validating use cases, continuous improvement and benchmarking.

Regulatory Compliance

Whether it is OSHA, FDA, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, CE or ANSI, all of our products are designed and routinely tested to comply with appropriate worldwide standards for product and personal safety. We understand the standards and include them in our design scope and evaluate materials and components before design integration.




Number of Seconds for a
3rd Degree Burn to Occur Without Proper Protection at 155 ℉ / 68 ℃


Reduction in Risk of Hand Injury If Wearing Proper Hand Protection


Additional Sales Needed to Cover the Cost of a $1,700 employee injury at a 5% Profit Margin


Average Daily Cost of Outfitting Your Operation with Full Body Protection from Tucker Saftey



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