Tucker QuicKlean™ Full Body Protection Kit W/ Head Gear

Tucker QuicKlean™ Full Body Protection Kit with head gear / face shield for cleaning applications or fryer filtration. Some of the most serious kitchen injuries occur at the fryer when filtering or changing the oil. For this reason, we offer our Full Body Protection Kit. These ensembles offer effective protection against these risks, which are often severe. Avoid serious accidents before they occur, and reduce liability.


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  • Multiple uses such fryer filtration, pot and pan washing, chemical exposure
  • Lightweight, comfortable design reduces fatigue and increases compliance
  • Every piece easy to put on and remove
  • Long-lasting construction reduces replacement costs
  • Used by the largest restaurant chains in the world

Kit includes:

  • Head Gear with Face Shield (#99942)
  • 1 each 36″ Nylon QuicKlean™ Apron (#50362)
  • 1 pair Large 20″ SteamGlove™ Utility Glove (#92204)
  • 1 pair 18″ Nylon ShinGuard™ Protector with QuicKlean™ Finish (#51182)
Size Part Number
Full Body Protection Kit W/ Headgear 99908

Spec Sheet PDF

QuicKlean™ Apparel Washing Instructions PDF

  • No machine washing required.
  • Kitchen Fryer/Fry battery/Fryer Filtration
  • Kitchen Steam Kettle/Tilting Skillet/Pasta Cooker
  • Kitchen Three Bay Sinks/Dishwasher