Tucker QuicKlean™ Puppet-Style Oven Mitt

QuicKlean™ Conventional-Style Oven Mitts & Puppet-Style Oven Mitts.

Whether you are looking for a conventional-style or puppet-style mitt, make sure the product you choose offers all of the performance features you need in your commercial environment.

For Maximum Safety, look for an option that provides ultimate wearer protection from multiple heat sources in wet and dry applications.

For Maximum Sanitation, look for an option that is quick and easy to clean with barrier technology that does not allow anything to stick to it, preventing soil build-up and reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

For Full Service, select a burn protection product from industry experts whose industry-leading products are trusted and tested.

For Maximum Savings, look for product innovation and high-grade materials that provide better protection and longer, more cost-effective product life. At Tucker Safety, our mission is to keep people safe from hazards in commercial food service environments. For the highest-performance products, look to the experts at Tucker Safety Products. Tuckers products lead the industry in safety, sanitation, service, and savings.

Please order a sample of our featured Burn Protection Conventional-Style Oven Mitt and Puppet-Style Oven Mitt and feel the Tucker difference.