Our Commitment to Green

Our Commitment to Green

Tucker Safety Products promotes and maintains a dynamic recycling program, ensuring the reduction of waste of all paper, plastics, inks, metals and fabrics.

Conservation and recycling of raw production materials (insulation, fabric, and thread) has become a standard at our manufacturing facility. Our philosophy of continuous improvement has resulted in reductions of waste generated by the production process.

But we’re not content simply looking at ways of reducing our waste. We continually evaluate and pursue innovative, beneficial re-use opportunities throughout our business.

Whether it’s the little things, like reducing our energy use in the office, or some of our more formal efforts like paperless invoicing, all of us at Tucker Safety Products are deeply committed to reducing the environmental impact of our own practices and doing our part to be kind to our planet.

We are also advocates of durable, reusable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Disposable PPE is intended for single use by one person and cannot be cleaned without impacting protective or barrier properties. That means a lot of cheap, commodity gloves loaded with grease and food debris end up in landfills. Effective Protective Apparel™ from Tucker Safety is intended to help protect valuable team members against painful and costly injuries, not create a pollution problem.