Outer Shell Materials & Finishes

Outer Shell Materials & Finishes

Nomex Fiber With Standard Finish

Tucker BurnGuard® Protective Apparel constructed with our Nomex fiber outer shell offers ultimate longevity and superior protection where there is a risk of exposure to open flame. Nomex fiber is best known for it’s combination of heat resistance and strength. Although Nomex fiber burns when you hold a flame up to it, it stops burning as soon as the heat source is removed; making it inherently flame resistant. Just as important, it takes time for heat to travel through Nomex since it is a man-made textile. The thick woven structure of synthetic fibers is a very poor conductor of heat. Our Nomex fiber exterior is extremely durable with a typical life cycle of 1-2 years in commercial foodservice operations. Due to it’s superior abrasion and chemical resistance, little decrease in fabric strength is seen as a result of laundering. Nomex is best used in temperatures up to 600ºF (316ºC).

Poly-Cotton With Standard Finish

Tucker BurnGuard® Protective Apparel constructed with a Poly-Cotton outer shell is our best selling product family. Poly-Cotton material offers a lower cost, but very effective protective product where there is no risk of exposure to open flame.  The Poly-Cotton exterior is very durable and and has a typical lifecycle of 9-18 months in the heaviest foodservice operations. These products offer the same level of hot liquids, grease or steam protection since they are also constructed with our proprietary VaporGuard® Barrier as the (Nomex® Fiber/QuicKlean™ Protective Apparel) products and have a lower price point than Nomex constructed products while still providing a life cycle that is at least 10 time longer than competitive quilted products. Unlike competitive products our Poly-Cotton Protective Products can be machine washed in order to remain clean and free of potentially harmful bacteria. Poly-Cotton is best used in temperatures up to 450ºF (232ºC).

Poly-Cotton With QuicKlean™ Finish

QuicKlean™ Products were designed and developed for users who require the same level of protection they have enjoyed with our BurnGuard® branded (Poly-Cotton, Nomex and Kevlar) products with our standard finish offering; an effective liquid vapor barrier, thermal protection, durability, dexterity, sanitation and comfort, but are without on-site laundry facilities. To clean, rinse/wipe off exteriors as well as interiors and take back to immediate use. Simply put, the QuicKlean™ Finish makes cleanability ultra-easy.

Note: QuicKlean is a process that can be applied to our complete line of BurnGuard Products. BurnGuard PPE is NSF Certified.

Oil Filtration Kit

Tucker offers Oil Filtration Kits that protect against the hazards of fryer filtering/cleaning. We continue to offer our #99900 & 99905 (minimum order quantities required) kits that are composed of our machine washable poly-cotton BurnGuard® products as well as our QuicKlean™ kits #99907 & 99908 for easy cleaning and maintenance. All provide maximum protection for this messy and potentially hazardous activity.

BurnGuard Products containing Kevlar Fiber

Tucker recognizes there are applications in commercial kitchens that require the ability to withstand ultra high heat (600º-900ºF / 316º-482ºC) while also providing maximum dexterity and an effective liquid vapor barrier.

For these specific applications Tucker offers the Three-Finger “Plus” Glove and Puppet “Plus” mitt. Tucker uses a Kevlar fiber outer shell material in conjunction with Nomex fiber and Poly-Cotton in both Standard and QuicKlean™ Finishes in order to provide an Effective product that provides maximum protection for the wearer against liquid, grease, steam, and heat while still preserving dexterity so the task can be easily and safely accomplished. NSF Certified.

Terry Cloth Hot Pads

For those on a limited budget who are not looking for the overall best value but rather “price”, Tucker offers Terry Cloth hot pads. However, unlike any competitors’ products, Tucker Terry products provide an effective liquid vapor barrier due to the fact that it is made with the same VaporGuard® Barrier as the rest of our heat protection products. These hot pads provide unequalled protection and a lower price point.