Sizing Guide

No Cut Protective Product Works if it is NOT Worn!

Hands come in all shapes and sizes. A one-size-fits-all approach is simply ineffective. Correct fit is very important! It not only reduces risk of injury, but also ensures a longer product life cycle. Workers are also more likely to wear a glove that is properly and doesn’t slow them down.

A cut protection program in foodservice differs from all other industries. Beyond cut resistance, foodservice workers must also be concerned with comfort, touch sensitivity, dexterity, proper fit AND sanitation in an environment where PPE is shared with others.

If cut resistant gloves do not properly fit, they can cause the wearer to lose their grip, drop something, or be unable to move their fingers in the necessary ways when prepping, chopping, or slicing food in a hectic, fast-paced environment.

Measuring hands to ensure gloves fit properly is a simple and easy solution to any problems that can be caused by poorly sourced, ineffective, cheap, or inappropriate gloves that don’t fit. The right fit ensures the gloves do what they were supposed to do in the first place – prevent painful and costly cuts and lacerations.

Download the Tucker Safety Cut Resistant Glove Sizing Guide and follow two simple steps:

  1. With fingers together, place hand so that left side of hand and bottom of palm rests on black line.
  2. Glove size is determined by the color bar where the right side of the hand rests. If the side of the hand falls between color bars, select the smaller size.

Note: Glove should be snug, but not tight and fingers should reach completely to the end of the finger tips.

Click on sizing chart below to view PDF

Help the workers that need to wear PPE be successful

Promote wearer compliance by adopting our “Color-by-Size” coding system. Colors can represent glove size, be product specific (e.g., HAACP), or be used to indicate specific applications. Colors help eliminate language and literacy barriers and promote proper sizing. It is a lot easier to remember colors vs. the glove size (e.g., “I am sized for the green glove..”).

You can also eliminate last minute scrambling for finding cut resistant gloves by providing a safety station for proper storage. Without Safety Stations, cut resistant gloves are stored randomly throughout the kitchen, or worse, stored in drawers where they are out of sight, out of mind. Our 5-Clip Safety Station is uniquely designed for storing our cut resistant gloves and serves as home base.