The new Tucker Safety website features quick links to Burn Protection gloves, hot pads and mitts, Cut Protection gloves, Utility and Cleaning and Full Body Protection products. Each product now includes a product detail page that includes product features, laundering instructions, and recommended applications. A new Glove Sample product request form was added for commercial customers. The Safe Step Kitchen remains a valuable feature and provides customers with recommendations for their specific facility needs.

“We wanted to create a website that helps our customers quickly and easily find the right safety products for every task. The new site includes a filtering tool for each product category that allows customers to select the best type of protection to fit their specific needs. We also included a Commercial Kitchen Support area on the site providing a wealth of industry resources, including sizing charts, burn protection tips, OSHA requirements and more to help our customers keep their staffs protected.”

“We welcome feedback and hope our customers will review the new website and provide feedback. Please stay tuned to our blog as we share monthly industry insights and new product features.

Walter Kaihatu

President, Tucker Safety Products Inc.