Tucker QuicKlean™ Four-Finger Pre-Curved Rotisserie Glove

Choose from KutGlove™ and Whizard® gloves to tackle your toughest jobs 

Wearing cut protection in your fast-paced environment is critical. Tucker Safety offers a full range of cut-resistant gloves designed to protect food service pros.

KutGlove™  Protection

Tucker’s  KutGlove™ line of cut-resistant gloves with their unique color-by-size systems will help every person in the kitchen quickly find the perfect fitting glove. The 10 gauge gloves are designed for maximum sensitivity and dexterity, making it easy to keep the gloves on and hands protected.

KutGlove™ Cut Resistant Gloves are wire-free and constructed of tough but lightweight Spectra fibers, which provide supreme strength but minimal weight for a more comfortable and safer product. Clean-up is quick and easy with these bleach and sanitizer-safe gloves.

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Whizard Protection

Tucker’s Whizard® line of cut-resistant gloves offers serious protection for your most hazardous jobs.

The Bacfighter medium-duty gloves feature high-performance fibers with inherent antimicrobial protection.

The SilverTalon is considered the number one glove in the meat and poultry industries. The SilverTalon’s yarn composition combines high-strength, high-performance materials with stainless steel, creating excellent tensile strength and superior cut protection.

The Knifehandler offers the highest ratio of cut protection to thickness available. With ultra-high strength fibers and stainless steel, the Knifehandler provides heavy-duty protection from lacerations while maintaining softness, comfort, and dexterity.

The Handguard is the original heavy-duty, cut-resistant glove with advanced, technically superior, patented cut-resistant fiber combinations. Handguard II uses a unique combination of ultra-high-strength fibers and stainless steel to provide ultimate hand protection against cuts and slashes. The Handguard II is ideal for meat, poultry, and seafood processing, material handling, and deli slicer cleaning. No other glove offers this level of protection!

The Whizard® Mesh cut-resistant glove features a patented self-adjusting tension wrist. This heavy-duty, ergonomic stainless steel mesh cut-resistant glove provides superior cut and puncture protection. Double-interlocked metal mesh is formed using state-of-the-art micro plasma welding, resulting in stronger ring connections and no gaps to trap food debris or harbor bacteria. Whizard® Brand mesh gloves have no fabric straps to catch bacteria, wear out, or deteriorate during cleaning and sanitizing.

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