Whizard® Metal Mesh Hand Glove

Stainless Steel Mesh Tucker Whizard® Brand cut resistant glove featuring patented self-adjusting tension wrist.

Heavy Duty, ergonomically designed Tucker Whizard® Brand stainless steel mesh cut resistant glove provides superior cut and puncture protection. Double-interlocked metal mesh is formed using state-of-the-art micro plasma welding resulting in stronger ring connections and no gaps to trap food debris or harbor bacteria. Whizard® Brand mesh gloves have no fabric straps to catch bacteria, wear out or deteriorate during cleaning and sanitizing.

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  • Easy to clean, nonporous stainless steel and does not harbor bacteria
  • Self-adjusting, patented Steel Tension Spring-System (STS) wrist fastening system for an easy fit with no straps or buckles to fasten
  • All Whizard® mesh gloves come with a metal serial number tag, which helps with reissuance and sizing information
  • Unlike resistance welded mesh rings, our micro plasma welded rings have no gaps or weak spots that trap soil or harbor bacteria
  • Made with 4 mm ring using 0.5 mm wire
  • Ambidextrous/Reversible (turn inside out for the other hand)
  • Sold by the piece
Size Part Number Size Color Tag
XSmall CM030001
Small CM030002
Medium CM030003
Large CM030004
XLarge CM030005
XXLarge CM030006

Note: Repair service is available to extend the life of the glove.

Spec Sheet PDF

  • Remove all large particles.
  • Wash by hand or with a glove tumbler in warm water with acid and chlorine free detergent or soap.
  • Water temperature should not exceed 125ºF (52ºC).
  • Rinse in cold water.
  • Hang dry.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not hit gloves against a hard object or surface.
  • Heat and excessive force can damage the metal.

Handling sharp objects, Protects hands from slashes and cuts

  • Kitchen Knives/Slicers
  • Kitchen Food Processor