Tucker BurnGuard® Sleeve 16″ with Nomex® Fiber

16″ Protective Arm Sleeve, VaporGuard® Barrier, flame safe Nomex® Fiber. Guard lower arm against potential splashes from hot liquids, grease or steam. Pair with Hot Pad for hand and arm protection. Machine washable. Insulation Value: 450°F (232°C)


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  • VaporGuard® barrier provides protection from hot liquids, grease, steam and vapors.
  • Lightweight, comfortable and durable
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Flame safe Nomex® Fiber
  • Temperature protection up to 450°F / 232°C
  • Protects even when wet!
  • Durable Nomex® outer shell with stands repeated washings without losing any protective qualities.
Size Part Number
16″ 09000

Poly-Cotton & Nomex® Apparel Washing Instructions PDF

  • Machine wash in warm water with mild detergent or soap for 10-15 minutes.
  • Kitchen Combi/Convection Oven
  • Kitchen Griddle
  • Kitchen Conveyor Oven
  • Kitchen Tandoor Oven