Tucker QuicKlean™ Four-Finger Pre-Curved Rotisserie Glove

Tucker QuicKlean™ Four-Finger Pre-Curved Rotisserie Burn Protection Gloves

Rotisserie gloves need to perform well in high heat and greasy environments that demand better fit, better grip and better burn protection. When choosing the best rotisserie gloves, make sure the product you choose offers all of the value and performance features you need in your demanding environment.

Better Burn Protection, choose a glove that offers an unparalleled combination of both open flame and high heat temperature protection up to 500°F / 260°C.

Quick Cleaning, choose a glove with a “clean as you go” QuicKlean™ finish that wipes clean with no machine washing required for the ultimate convenience and sanitation. Eliminate the need to stock two pairs of gloves, one to wash and one to use.

Better Sanitation, choose a glove with convenient 100% cotton removable liners for maximum sanitation and time-saving efficiency.

Better Fit, choose a burn protection glove designed for exceptional comfort and grip that provides maximum finger control to handle equipment parts, spits, or turn knobs without having to remove the gloves.

Better Value, choose smart product innovation and high-grade, durable materials that provide better protection and stand up to frequent commercial cleaning for a longer, more cost-effective product life.

At Tucker Safety, our mission is to keep people safe from hazards in commercial food service environments.

Tucker’s Four-finger rotisserie burn protection gloves with QuicKlean™ finish and Kevlar® fiber are Ideal for use with rotisserie equipment where high heat and abrasion protection are demanded in high-temperature, greasy environments. No glove lasts longer in the harsh food service environment than Tucker’s QuicKlean™ burn protection glove.

For the highest-performance products, look to the experts at Tucker Safety Products. Tuckers products lead the industry in safety, sanitation, service, and savings.

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